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Great listeners are in demand

Great listeners are in demand in our under sensitive over stimulated, pressured world. Simply hearing another person’s words is never enough.

Change the Flow – Create New Self

Creating a new self, don’t be stuck. You are total energy, a spiritual being made in perfection. Learn to reach for that true love, deep abiding, creative, peaceful being that you are designed to be. You are filled with creative energy, deep intuition, guidance and surrounded with love and success. Learn how to awaken your […]

7 Steps to Trust Building and Client Evaluation – The Art of Listening

Effective Rapport with another person or animal involves listening to the internal and external flow of energies coming and going between you and your client.

Learning to listen

Learning to Listen – Music to My Ears Listening
Secrets to Healthy Client/Personal Relationships

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Other Helpful Sites

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Your New Self

Your new peaceful energetic self is created each moment you choose to calmly listen to your heart.

Helping create peace from the inside out.

To truly restore your inner peace and vitality and change unwanted emotional stress, you must experience yourself in the virtual office without leaving your home.

Relaxing so important.

From before we were born, our brain and body have been making adjustments to changes in the physical space around us, emotional challenges and sense that our world is a little crazy and out of control. In response to these constant changes our body produces chemicals called hormones to deal with these challenges. It is […]