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Country doctoring- Virginia there still is a Santa Claus

What the world needs now is love sweet love and dedicated service. Country Doctor of the Year awarded to Doc. Watson,TX.

Dysport cousin to Botox – possible birth defects

Health alert over the “use of anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox, after an Australian baby was born with serious birth defects. The mother was given facial cosmetic injections of the drug Dysport in the first weeks of her pregnancy in 2005. Her baby was born deaf and blind. A report by the manufacturer a year later […]

$10,000 box of organic crackers

Woman uses a box of crackers  as  a piggy bank. In Irvine, California a box of organic crackers was worth its weight in gold. Debra Rogoff bought a box of Annie’s Sour Cream and Onion Cheddar Bunny crackers When the daughter opened it she for a big surprise inside. No not insects or toys, but […]

Little Blue Pill CIA secret weapon?

The  little blue pill seems to be the CIA agents secret weapon in Afghanistan. The agency encourages officers “to think outside the box” and that whatever works within the U.S. law is fair game. Well there are times, PFE’s impotence-fighter Viagra is needed to “make friends and influence people. It is the secret weapon in […]

Rural Farm land gold of the future

Small countries rural lands becoming golden as the food crisis deepens.

Raided Organic coop- family held hostage

Food coop home raided mother and 10 children held hostage for 6 hours.

!3 year olds playing with death for a few moment high

Children playing with death for a few moment high.

How do ipRGCs effect our sleep and health?

Biological rhythm and ipRGCs

Boost brain power without drugs

Boost brain power and memory step by step.

Become your best holiday spirit

Become the holiday spirit you always wanted and share it with others.