Welcome to Complementary Medicine Association

Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) is dedicated to improving the health of the individual and family and through a focus on natural integrated healthcare practices.

Families and health care professionals can rely on CMA for the most reliable current natural health information and services. Inspiring others to take better care of themselves and encouraging a balanced between natural and integrative care and the best of western medical practices is our goal.

CMA promotes research and practices that improve brain and body functioning naturally. We educate people in the uses of various energetic and natural therapies including but not limited to homeopathy, acupuncture/acupressure related modalities, herbal and nutrition.

Complementary Medicine supports a healthy environment by encouraging the development of green programs that model the use of safe, healthy, pesticide free products and whole foods. Educating people to make a difference in their health and step by step reduce their carbon foot print to improve the health of all life great and small and redressing the imbalance in the earth’s water, soil and air is vital to health and wellness.

Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) is a nonprofit 501c3, medical health education association since 1990 and is open to all.

CMA welcomes the support and collaboration with business, medical, government and education associations dedicated to making the planet healthier, greener and more peaceful for all.